ZNKR Kendo Kata Seminar mit Louis Vitalis
ZNKR Kendo Kata Seminar in Munich

with Louis Vitalis
 7th Dan Kendo Kyoshi, 7th Dan Iaido Kyoshi, 7th Dan Jodo Kyoshi

 Venue: Städtische Schulsporthalle Elisabeth-Kohn-Straße 4 D-80797 Munich

 Saturday, 15th Dec. 2018  10:30-17:30     
Sunday, 16th Dec. 2018  10:00-15:00
Seminar fee 
€ 50.- for both days     
€ 30.- for Saturday only
€ 25,- for Sunday only      
The seminar is open to all practicioners
of ZNKR Kendo and/or Iaido and/or Jodo. Please bring your bokken and wooden kodachi.
Overnight accommodation possible at the dojo of Aikido Yoshinkan e.V.  
Please register by email to iaido-jodo@yoshinkan-aikido.de
The organizer does not assume any liability.
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Email: info@kendo-muenchen.de
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